Woodstock Chimes Gamelan Chime - Medium

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Inspired by the hypnotic music of the traditional Balinese gamelan orchestra, the Medium Gamelan Bamboo Chime combines simple, elegant design with the relaxing tones of hand-tuned bamboo chimes. Hand-made in Bali and Vietnam the Medium Gamelan Bamboo Chime hangs approximately 30 in long and is approximately 9 in wide. About The Gamelan Orchestra - Every Balinese village has its own dance troupe and gamelan orchestra - a series of percussion instruments and gongs made from metal, wood and bamboo. The hypnotic music has been described by musicologists as moonlight and flowing water. Asli Arts Medium Gamelan Bamboo Chime reflects the Balinese emphasis on not only the beauty of art, but also the beauty of sound. Every Asli Arts chime features the mellow, earth-inspired tones unique to resonating bamboo tubes. Each Asli Arts chime is hand-tuned by a trained artist-musician who whittles each tube to the perfect pitch, repeatedly tapping each bamboo tube as he carves until the sound is just right. Then our artisans