Cedar Screech Owl/Saw Whet Owl Box with Poly Lumber Roof


Attract Screech Owls and Saw Whet Owls

by giving them a place to nest on your property.

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Cedar Screech Owl/Saw Whet Owl Box with Green Poly Lumber Roof

The body is made of cedar wood and the roof is made of recycled poly lumber.

Screech Owls and Saw-whet Owls compete with other birds for natural cavities because they are so small. They eat night-flying insects and may sometimes make a meal of other small birds. You may want to position this birdhouse away from the houses of other birds.

The front door of this owl house swings up for easy cleaning and also has drainage holes in the bottom for proper drainage. For best results mount 10 to 20 feet high in a large, dense tree. 

Screech Owls like to nest in thick woods, preferably near water.They also like coniferous woods and evergreen thickets in parks and gardens.

Where they Breed:from southeastern Alaska east across central Canada to Nova Scotia and south to southern California, Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina (in mountains) and Connecticut. Winters in breeding range and south to Arkansas and North Carolina.

INCLUDED: bag of cedar chips for the bottom of the owl box (owl preferred)

Made in the USA!

Outside Dimensions: 11.375" W X 14.25" H X 10.125" D

Inside dimensions: 6.25" W X 12.875" H X 6.75" D

Hole Diameter: 4 W X 3 H

Hole Height above Floor: 9.75