Gather Friends Tall Bird Bath


A great place for the birds to gather as well as good friends.

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Gather Friends Share Your Song Tall Bird Bath

Give birds a place to refresh and rejuvenate with this beautiful Bird Bath Art Pole.

This beautiful birdbath is hand-hammered copper-plated stainless steel and fits securely on top of the USA made 5 X 5 vinyl laminated art pole. The hand painted maintenance-free design is laminated and will resist fading and year round weather conditions.

The Vinyl Art Pole base was designed by artist Stephanie Burgess.

Ultra-durable for years of enjoyment.

No digging required with easy to install pole and auger hidden underneath vinyl art pole.

Easy setup in just seconds.

All hardware included.

Dimensions: 18"dia. x 31"H (5" x 5" )

Weight:16.00 lb

Allow 2 weeks for this item.