Woodstock Chimes Windsinger Chimes of King David - Black

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A great price on this very large windchime! Tuned to an ancient Asian scale, this super-resonant Woodstock Windsinger Chimes of King David are named for the biblical King of Israel, who was known as a warrior, but also as a musician and writer of psalms. Woodstock's Windsinger chimes have a distinctively compelling design. With a special suspension devised for maximum duration of its deep sounds, the six thick-walled black matte aluminum tubes produce enchanting harmonies. This super-sized chime is the largest of our Windsinger Collection, all of which share the same evocative scale in different octaves. Boxed for gift-giving. Length: 88 inches. NOTE:SHIPPING and HANDLING IS $29.00 FOR THIS ITEM and will be added after order is placed.