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Wren/Chickadee Houses

Wrens prefer sites with dense undergrowth, either in mixed forests or in wooded suburban settings, in a natural OR artificial cavity. The nest is a bulky, often domed structure, with a small hole towards the top. Nests of the suburban type wrens have been reported in a great variety of nooks and crannies including shoes baskets and hats, around, or under buildings of various kinds, under bridges, or in holes in any structure such as a porch, fence-post, tree, house or barn. Almost any kind of receptacle may offer an acceptable nesting site.
The bird houses below are some of our favorites artificial cavities for wrens.

Chickadee and Wren Bird House Dimensions
for making your own Chickadee or Wren Bird House
Size of Floor (inches)
Depth of Box (inches)
Height of Entrance above Floor (inches)
Diameter of Entrance Hole (inches)
Height above Ground (feet)
Chickadee 4x4 8-10 6-8 1 1/8 6-15
House Wren and 
Bewick's Wren
4x4 6-8 4-6 1-1 1/4 6-10
Carolina Wren 4x4 6-8 4-6 1 1/2 6-10
  • SE3880245.jpg
  • 134A Wren Joy Box.jpg
  • SERUBWH105.jpg
  • COPCH.jpg
  • WH101.jpg
  • GSWCH.jpg
  • WL-GGWREN.jpg
  • WREN2.jpg
  • WREN1.jpg
  • SE518.jpg
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