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Backyard Bird Watcher Links

Backyard Bird Watcher Links

Bird Feeding Society

Hummingbird Tips

The Purple Martin Society

The Hummingbird Society

" The RollerFeeder"
Squirrel proof bird feeder designed with songbirds in mind.

the ultimate resource center for everything related to hummingbirds.

NAB Bluebird Nestbox Plans

Owl Pages.com
The best owl site on the internet and most complete.

Bird Identification Patuxent Research Center
Identify your favorite bird here.

U.S. Fish And Wildlife
(Highly recommended useful information about housing for birds)

(One stop resource for birds and bird watching.)

Bird Forum
Excellent information source about birds.

Wild Things

Birding Festivals

American Bird Center

American Birding Association
North America's largest membership organization for active birders, with news, details on publications and programs, and birding resources.

A2Z4 Birders Online Guide: North American Birds
Guide to many different groups of birds with photos, text, sounds, sonograms, maps, and video.

The Bird Guide
- Site guides, identification articles, and links for the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and British Columbia.

Bird Lists - North America
- Checklists and links for all US states, Canadian provinces, and outlying areas.

Bird Song and Wildlife Unlimited
- Information about the book by Ernie Jardine with tips on learning songs, quiz (no audio), links, and photo gallery.

Bird Watcher's Digest
- Magazine for birdwatching, birding, backyard bird feeding, bird gardening, bird identification, bird travel, and birding products.

- Videos and DVDs on the lives and natural habitats of North American birds by Michael Male and Judy Fieth.

- Archives of the Hawk Migration Association of North America e-mail group.

Birding America
- Pictures and stories of birds, habitats, and birding at more than 185 sites in the United States and Canada.

- Site from ConocoPhillips with basic information on birds, bird watching, and feeding for students, teachers, and anyone interested in learning more.

- Archives of the e-mail group for reports of continentally rare birds.

Birds of North America
- Comprehensive reference series on North American birds, with information and sample profiles.

Birds of the Continental United States and Canada
- Checklist of 914 species recorded in North America north of Mexico.

- Frequently asked questions, birding tips, articles, and store.

- Archives of the e-mail group for western US/Canada rare bird alerts.

Boreal Songbird Initiative
- Dedicated to educating birdwatchers and naturalists about the importance of the boreal forest of North America to migratory birds.

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
- A membership institution interpreting and conserving the earth's biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds.

- Project developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society, provides a simple way to keep track of the birds you see anywhere in North America.

Familiar Birds
- Full text of some of the species accounts of more common birds by Arthur Cleveland Bent from his classic Life Histories of North American Birds (1919-1968).

George West's Birding Homepage
- Photo gallery, trip reports, Arizona hummingbird banding program, and updates to "A Birder's Guide to Alaska"target="win2".

Hawk Migration Association of North America
- Monitors raptor migration throughout North America.

- Daily reports of migrant hawks seen at many North American hawk watch sites.

Index to the Archives of Birding Email Lists
- Links to searchable archives of U.S. and Canada birding email groups.

Internet Field Guide to Birds
- Keys to identify North American species online; from The BioDiversity Institute. Includes photo gallery.

John James Audubon's Birds of America
- Audubon's images and original text descriptions from an 1840 (First Octavo Edition) of Audubon's complete seven volume text.

The Nature Conservancy - Migratory Bird Program
- Programs to protect critical habitats for birds throughout the Western Hemisphere. Species abstracts, fact sheets, and links.

- Sounds recordings, mostly of North American birds, by Martyn Stewart.

North America Rare Bird Alert
- Subscription reporting service on rare birds in the United States and Canada.

North American Bird Notes
- Notes, distribution maps, and photos of current rarities. Includes gull section and bird quizzes.

North American Bird Photography Gallery
- Photographs of many species by Peter LaTourrette.

North American Bird Sounds
- Doug Von Gausig's site with bird songs, other sounds, and some explanatory text.

North American Birds
- Quarterly journal with feature articles and comprehensive sightings summaries. Available online are information about the journal, tables of contents, some photos, and submission information.

Obsolete English Names of North American Birds
- Thorough list of old names of North American and Hawaiian birds and their modern equivalents.

Old Bird, Inc.
- Information about the Flight Calls of Migratory Birds (Eastern North American Landbirds) CD-ROM and the Dickcissel night flight call monitoring project.

On Silent Wings Bird Photography
- Photographs of birds from the ABA North American region, with birding and photograph links for beginners to experts.

Partners in Flight
- An association supported by federal, state, and regional governments dedicated to the preservation of bird species that summer in North America and winter in South America. Volunteer info and species data.

Peterson Birding Resources
- Links and list of bird spectacles.

Sibley Guides
- Information about the Sibley Guide to Birds, including updates, subspecies, and a gallery of David Sibley's paintings.

WBBA Species Audio Library
- Collection of 200 bird song audio recordings in high-quality MP3 format. All recordings were made in Wisconsin.

Weird Birds! Have you ever seen a bald bird at your feeder?

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