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Official State Birds


Listed by State

Alabama -Yellowhammer
Alaska - Willow Ptarmigan
Arizona - Cactus Wren
Arkansas - Mockingbird
California - California Valley Quail
Colorado - Lark Bunting
Connecticut - Robin
Delaware - Blue Hen Chicken
Florida - Mockingbird
Georgia - Brown Thrasher
Hawaii - Nene
Idaho - Mountain Bluebird
Illinois - Cardinal
Indiana - Cardinal
Iowa - Eastern Goldfinch
Kansas - Western Meadowlark
Kentucky - Cardinal
Louisiana - Eastern Brown Pelican
Maine - Chickadee
Maryland -Baltimore Oriole
Massachusetts - Chickadee
Michigan - Robin
Minnesota - Common Loon
Mississippi - Mockingbird
Missouri - Bluebird
Montana - Western Meadowlark
Nebraska - Western Meadowlark
Nevada - Mountain Bluebird
New Hampshire - Purple Finch
New Jersey - Eastern Goldfinch
New Mexico - Roadrunner
New York - Bluebird
North Carolina - Cardinal
North Dakota - Western Meadowlark
Ohio - Cardinal
Oklahoma - Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Oregon - Western Meadowlark
Pennsylvania - Ruffed Grouse
Rhode Island - Rhode Island Red
South Carolina - Great Carolina Wren
South Dakota - Ring-necked Pheasant
Tennessee - Mockingbird
Texas - Mockingbird
Utah - American Seagull
Vermont - Hermit Thrush
Virginia - Cardinal
Washington -Willow Goldfinch
West Virginia - Cardinal
Wisconsin - Robin
Wyoming - Western Meadowlark Listed by Family Genus
American Seagull - Utah
Baltimore Oriole - Maryland
Bluebird - Missouri
Bluebird - New York
Blue Hen Chicken - Delaware
Brown Thrasher - Georgia
Cactus Wren - Arizona
California Valley Quail - California
Cardinal - Illinois
Cardinal - Indiana
Cardinal - Kentucky
Cardinal - North Carolina
Cardinal - Ohio
Cardinal - Virginia
Cardinal - West Virginia
Chickadee - Maine
Chickadee - Massachusetts
Common Loon - Minnesota
Eastern Brown Pelican - Louisiana
Eastern Goldfinch - Iowa
Eastern Goldfinch - New Jersey
Great Carolina Wren - South Carolina
Hermit Thrush - Vermont
Lark Bunting - Colorado
Mockingbird - Arkansas
Mockingbird - Florida
Mockingbird - Mississippi
Mockingbird - Tennessee
Mockingbird - Texas
Mountain Bluebird - Idaho
Mountain Bluebird - Nevada
Nene - Hawaii
Purple Finch - New Hampshire
Ring-necked Pheasant - South Dakota
Rhode Island Red - Rhode Island
Roadrunner - New Mexico
Robin - Connecticut
Robin - Michigan
Robin - Wisconsin
Ruffed Grouse - Pennsylvania
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher - Oklahoma
Western Meadowlark - Kansas
Western Meadowlark - Montana
Western Meadowlark - North Dakota
Western Meadowlark - Nebraska
Western Meadowlark - Oregon
Western Meadowlark - Wyoming
Willow Goldfinch - Washington
Willow Ptarmigan - Alaska
Yellowhammer - Alabama
Listing Of State Birds
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