Bear Proof Indestructable Bird Feeder

Bear Proof Indestructable Bird Feeder



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Bear Proof Indestructible Bird Feeder!

BEARS A PROBLEM? Don't let bears or raccoons destroy another bird feeder! This heavy-duty tube feeder is built to last, guaranteed! Outer steel construction with a clear tube insert, it comes with 5 seed-viewing windows so you can see how much seed is left and know when it is time to refill. A heavy-duty pin secures the top and hanger.

5 seed-viewing windows on 2 sides
Heavy-duty hanger
6 perches
Brown powder-coated steel
Holds 3-1/2 quarts
Remove top to fill
Remove bottom to clean

25-1/2H X 8W with top

Tube 3.5" X 23"

9.5 LBS.