Bluebird Meal Worm and Fruit Feeder

Bluebird Meal Worm and Fruit Feeder


Keep those bluebirds happy with this protective cage bluebird feeder

that helps keeps starlings and squirrels out.

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Erva Bluebird Meal Worm Fruit Caged Bird Feeder

Designed to allow bluebirds in and squirrels out.

This caged bluebird feeder with blue glass (dishwasher safe) mealworm cup and barrier guard. Our baffled and protected bluebird feeder is surrounded by sturdy vinyl coated wire mesh with 1-1/2" square openings to keep out starlings and squirrels. Other smaller birds such as fruit eating birds may visit as well when served certain foods. Insects and other foods such as sunflower and mixed foods can be served as well. The top and bottom are fully galvanized sheet - and powder coated for years of durability.

Size:14"W X 8"H.

Hang it from a tree branch, Tree branch s hook and compatible deck poles and shepherd hook poles. See pole section for compatible poles and hooks

A well built bluebird feeder that will protect your favorite bird, the Bluebird.

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