Droll Yankees Bottoms Up Finch Bird Feeder 23 inch


Gold Finches can feed upside down! House Finches can't! A unique feeder!

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Bottoms Up Finch Bird Lovers 23 inch Bird Feeder


  • Feeder NOW shipping to all points in Canada
  • Goldfinches will feed upside down, but House Finches won't!
  • Small sized holes dispense Nyjer economically - birds must pull seed out
  • Cap and base are made of sturdy ABS, UV-stabilized plastic
  • Cap lifts off easily to allow re-filling and thorough cleaning, and cap design makes it difficult for predators to lift and reach the seed
  • Sloped base keeps seed within easy reach of the birds
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate seed tube won't degrade in the sunlight
  • Optional seed trays attach easily to the threaded base to provide extra perching space and to catch spilled food


2 inch diameter,


23 inch tube,

10 Nyjer Ports positioned so that birds feed UPSIDE DOWN.

Durable plastic parts.

Fully assembled. YELLOW