Droll Yankees Bottoms Up Finch Bird Feeder 16 inch

Droll Yankees Bottoms Up Finch Bird Feeder 16 inch


Gold Finches can feed upside down! House Finches can't! A unique feeder!

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Goldfinches will feed upside-down, but House Finches won’t!

The 1 lb. capacity, U.V. stabilized polycarbonate tube keeps seed levels visible and is highly durable and long lasting.

Small holes dispense tiny Nyjer seeds economically – birds pull seeds out individually like feeding from a flower!

Six perch locations provide seed from a variety of angles so several birds can dine simultaneously.

Sloped base keeps seed within easy reach of the birds.

The die-cast zinc top and base are powder coated in bright yellow, attracting finches to the feeder and adding a pop of color to the backyard.

The feeder hangs by the stainless steel hanging wire or pole mounts via the threaded base.

Lifetime warranty against squirrel damage from manufacturer.

2.5 in. diameter X 16b in. H

Unique Design!

Made in the U.S.A.

While supplies last!