Cobalt Glass Feeder with Weather Dome

Cobalt Glass Feeder with Weather Dome

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Cobalt Glass Bird Feeder with Weather Dome

With its myriad of functional features, this recycled glass bird feeder with weather baffle dome amps the enjoyment of backyard birding for you and your feathered friends. The elegant clear glass bowl feeder with drainage offers ample space for seeds, feeding and perching. A larger inverted glass bowl hung above acts as a weather dome and baffle saving seeds from ruin and protecting birds from the elements. Connecting the glass bowl and dome is a metal rod with hooks on both ends for hanging in your favorite spot or linking multiple feeders vertically. Hand-wash only. 32oz capacity accommodates several birds at once. Bowl with drainage keeps water from pooling and bird feed and seeds to stay fresh longer. Weather dome and baffle saves seeds from ruin and protects birds from the elements. Easy-to-maintain design supports quick hand-cleaning to prevent bacteria and seed rot. Recycled glass & powder-coated metal construction makes for an eco-friendlier and longer-lasting feeder.

 Use Dim: 15.00D x 15.00W x 10.00H

Couronne Co.