Opus Topflight Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder

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Beautiful copper heavy-duty acrylic and copper construction

Indestructible by squirrels

easy to remove threaded squirrel and weather guard simplifies filling

Built-in seed funnel quick release seed tray extra large

10 lb. seed capacity twelve feeding stations.

The Opus Top Flight Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder features a generous 16" diameter squirrel guard for maximum protection against squirrels and weather. When hung properly, squirrels will be unable to reach your seed past this large copper colored plastic dome. The feeder will endure the elements season after season. The copper acquires a beautiful patina as it ages.

This feeder may be hung or pole mounted using any pole with a 1" outside diameter.

If pole mounted, a baffle may be necessary to keep squirrels from going up the pole.