Universal Bird Feeder Pole Kit By Squirrel Stopper

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    • Sturdy design will hold some of the largest birdfeeders and birdhouses
    • Galvanized to fight the damaging effects of rust
    • Heavy-duty auger means easy installation by twisting in to the ground.
    • Includes mounting flange
    • Innovative design features 1 1/4 inch pole with 1 inch outer diameter top for  use with many birdfeeder brands that require a 1 inch OD pole.

The Universal Pole Kit by Squirrel Stopper features a sturdy, rust-resistant design, sure to hold up to even the largest and heaviest bird houses and bird feeders. The three sections attach easily and the included heavy-duty auger is the same style made popular by the original Squirrel Stopper Pole System. 

NOTE: The height above ground of this pole is 5 Feet

Note: This is not a squirrel proof device