Woodlink Wood Duck House, 4

Woodlink Wood Duck House, 4"x3" Hole Size

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Woodlink Wood Duck House

The Wood Duck or Carolina Duck (Aix sponsa) is a species of duck found in North America. It is one of the most colourful of North American waterfowl. Living in wooded swamps, they nest in tree cavities or boxes.
The Woodlink WD1 provides a perfect home for these waterfowl.
Wood chips are included in the Woodlink Wood Duck House 4" x 3" hole size. Inside the box is a ladder to provide the ducklings a easy route to get out of the box.
Easy to clean with a lift up door panel. Mounts to a tree or post.
Woodlink Wood Duck House,
Ornithologically correct dimensions
Dimensions:22.75"H X 11"W X 15.5" D