Woodlink Flicker House, 2 1/2

Woodlink Flicker House, 2 1/2" Hole Size

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Woodlink Flicker House,
Woodlink Flicker House is great for attracting Flickers and Woodpeckers to nest in a box. Flickers and Woodpeckers like to excavate their own homes in decaying trees, a bag of wood chips is provided with this birdhouse. To entice these birds to the Flicker House, spread some of the wood chips in the bottom of the birdhouse to simulate soft crumbling bark of a dying tree. The roof of the house is sloped and sheds water and overhangs the house's entrance, and the floor being recessed also helps keep the flicker house dry. Ventilation slots are recessed under the roof to keep this home comfortable. A ladder on the inside of the front panel makes it easy for fledglings to climb out when it's time to leave the nest. The front panel opens for convenient cleaning and observation and closes with an easy to use latch. Give flickers a roosting and nesting option by mounting the Woodlink Flicker House high up in a tree or to a post. These Woodlink homes are handcrafted in the USA.
2 1/2 Hole Size
20"H X 8.75"W X 11"D