Woodlink Cedar Wood Coppertop Gazebo Bird Feeder

The Woodlink coppertop "original wood" Gazebo Fly Thru Bird feeder is back in production by popular demand!
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The Original Woodlink CEDAR WOOD Coppertop Gazebo Bird Feeder Largest
Back by popular demand!

Don't settle for a cheap version of a gazebo bird feeder. This is quality throughout!

This fly thru coppertop gazebo is back in wood by popular demand.

This is a large wooden gazebo bird feeder that will make a great focal point in your backyard.

7/8" kiln dried Natural Cedar
Zinc Chromate Screws
Anodized aluminum hinges
12 oz copper roof

Clear acrylic tube holds bird seed
Size: 20"L X 20"D X 24"H

A Whopping 10 LBS. Capacity!

Weight:23 LBS.

NEWS:The Woodlink Coppertop "original wood" Gazebo Bird feeder is extra large and is now back in production by popular demand! One of the best quality and best looking bird feeders out there.


Another QUALITY Woodlink Product.