Copper Dripper Fountain Hummingbird

Copper Dripper Fountain Hummingbird

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Beautiful Flamed Copper Hummingbird Dripper / Fountain

The handcrafted copper hummingbird and flower dripper  provides a gentle stream of water for birds. Water gently trickles and splashes from the petals and leaves of this lovely, hummingbird & flower birdbath fountain / dripper. The moving water is will attract colorful birds to your backyard, and you’ll enjoy the relaxing sounds and atmosphere in your backyard.

NOTE:Copper Dripper/Fountain Hummingbird. Includes pump. Depth of water in bath for the fountain to operate at its best is approximately 3 inches. The minimum height of the water level for the pump to continue to work is approximately 2 inches. The dimension height from the metal base plate to the bottom of the circulating pump is approximately 3 inches. There is not a safety shut off if the water should go down too far to function.

NOTE: Birdbath bowl not included.

7" X 7" X 13.5"