Round Steel Portal Protector for Birdhouses

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Round Steel Portal Protector for Birdhouses

These steel bird house opening protectors prevent starlings, woodpeckers or squirrels from enlarging the entrance hole on birdhouses.

Squirrels can’t chew through metal. Add this circular portal protector to the entry hole of your birdhouse. Watch your birds enter without a problem while squirrels can’t chew or enlarge the entry hole or gain access.

Made from zinc-coated steel with brass hardware.

Bluebird protector opening is  1 1/2"

Nuthatch protector opening is  1 1/4"

Chickadee portal opening is 1 1/8″

Wren 1 1/8"

Mountain and Western Bluebird 1 9/16"

The entire piece is 2.5" in diameter, and the metal ring is .5" wide for the metal portion. The outer edge of the ring is 1.25" from center. Each comes with 4 tiny screws for easy attachment.