Perky Pet Colibri Upside Down Finch Feeder

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Deluxe Upside Down Goldfinch Bird Feeder

This patented design bird feeder is incredibly effective in attracting colorful goldfinches while saving you money on bird seed.


The key is that goldfinches feed upside down while pesty house finches cannot.

This incredible acrobatics on the part of goldfinches as well as other desirable clinging birds such as chickadees means that only birds that have the ability to cling upside down can feed on this feeder thus saving you money on wasted bird seed.

Now you can attract the birds you want and stop feeding those pesty house finches.

This patented upside-down feeding design allows goldfinches to feed undisturbed by house finches and other birds.

Attractive metal top, port bands and perches make this feeder an attractive design as well.

Generous 3+ pound thistle/finch mix seed capacity.

 This is an upscale design with an attractive finish with metal bands adorning its tube.

This feeder makes a unique gift for the bird lover and the design they will love as well.

Fill this feeder with a fresh batch of Thistle seed and watch these colorful birds wait for their turn on the perches.

In Use Dim: 8.55L x 8.55W x 15.97H