Brome 1016 Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder

Brome 1016 Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder


Award winning, patented Squirrel Buster

technology is truly squirrel proof.


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Brome Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder

Now there is a squirrel proof  bird feeder that allows you to use thistle or a finch mix with sunflower chips and NOT have to worry about squirrels raiding your feeder.

Brome Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder is a innovative feeder with a great price that has a two year warranty against squirrel damage and offers a weight sensitive design crafted to deter larger animals without harming them. A metal mesh shroud surrounds the clear plastic seed tube, creating clinging areas for your birds. Perches at the four bottom ports offer a resting spot for birds, while the four upper ports are accessed by clinging onto the wire.

 When a larger animal, such as squirrel, lands on the feeder, the shroud lowers over the ports so they are not able to reach the seed.

 The design of the seed tube also features a ventilation system, which allows warm air and humidity to escape from holes at the top of the feeder, while fresh air enters through the seed ports. This keeps the thistle seed fresh, helping to attract more birds. The tube holds 2.1 pounds of thistle seed for a generous feeding station. A green, metal cap protects the seed from excess moisture and a wire hanger enables the unit to be hung from a bracket or branch. The "negative grip" cover on the hanger disallows squirrels from outsmarting the mechanism - they slip off rather than grabbing the hanging wire with their feet and reaching the seed with their front paws. Hang the feeder at least 16 inches away from a secure foothold for squirrels.

  • Squirrel proof

  • Holds 1.4 quarts of seed

  • Specialized nyjer®/mix feeder

  • 8 birds can feed at the same time

  • Chew proof

  • 2 year hassle free warranty