Farm Innovators 250 watt Bird Bath Heater De-icer

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Deicer Submergible 250-watts.

Welcome birds into your yard all winter long with the Farm Innovators Premium Bird Bath Deicer. This unit ably warms water enough to prevent ice from covering the top, and can thaw up to 25 gallons of water. The thermostatically controlled unit will only turn on when temperatures drop below freezing, and automatically turns off when the temperature rises. Using 250 Watts of electricity, this unit is safe to use in both metal and plastic containers. The heater is made from durable cast aluminum, which can withstand harsh climates. The Farm Innovators Premium Bird Bath Deicer is a perfect winter accessory for any bird lover.

One year warranty.

Made in the USA.
Dimensions: 7.5"L x 5" W x 1"H, 6' cord