Original Upside Down (Anti-House Finch Bird Feeder)

Original Upside Down (Anti-House Finch Bird Feeder)

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Upside Down (Anti-House Finch Bird Feeder)

  • Unique goldfinch bird feeders
  • Perches on top NOT on the bottom!
  • Feed GoldFinches NOT House Finches



  1. Allows goldfinches to have a place of their own to feed thus allowing you to view more of these beautiful yellow goldfinches at your thistle feeder.
  2. No more bothersome house finches to hog the feeder and preventing gold finches from feeding.
  3. Unique design only allows clinging birds to feed at this feeder.

Since house finches and many other pesty birds such as sparrows and starlings can't cling upside down, it allows goldfinches to feed without being bothered by other pesty birds which means you enjoy more colorful birds at your feeder.

  • Amazingly effective bird feeder design!

This incredibly effective and unique bird feeder is designed to attract goldfinches while keeping out house finches.

Now you can feed goldfinches without feeding pesty housefinches who takeover a regular thistle feeder and don't allow the yellow goldfinches to feed.

The Perky-Pet patented Upside Down thistle feeder holds two lbs. of  thistle seed or finch mix.

TIP use thistle seed only if you have squirrels thus preventing squirrels from raiding the feeder. Reason: Finch mix has sunflower which attracts squirrels.

(Squirrels are not fond of thistle seed thus preventing damage to your feeder)

We recommend checking this bird feeder once a week for insects or mold and cleaning it regularly with a mild soap and water solution, more often in very warm climates or seasons.

3.04 (D) x 3.52 (W) x 19.37 (H) inches

Material: Plastic

  • Buy more than one to attract more goldfinches and save on shipping .
  • Make a great gift for bird watchers.
  • Also a great housewarming gift for the backyard.
  • Friends will enjoy the colorful birds.
  • Great gift for dad.