Stovall Pavilion Feeder w/ Perforated Plastic Bottom

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This high quality, hand crafted bird pavilion provides plenty of space for a secure picnic for your feathered guests. It is made of Western Red Cedar and is coated with a non toxic finish. Like all Stovall feeders, it ages well and looks even more beautiful in a natural setting. It is manufactured with double plated hinges. In addition, the perforated plastic bottom has two 3/4" drainage holes covered with fine wire mesh. The pavilion feeder has a galvanized steel hopper with a plastic cylinder in the center so the seed is protected in harsh weather conditions. The feeder measures 17" wide x 15" high x 20" long and should be post mounted only. We recommend a 4" x 4" wood post. The feeder will hold 12 to 15 pounds of mixed seed and is suitable for sunflower, safflower, or mixed seed; cracked corn or millet.