Woodlink Audubon Going Green 2lb Nyjer Feeder

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Woodlink Audubon Going Green 2lb Nyjer Feeder. Combining recycled elements with fun and functional style, this feeder offers quality craftsmanship to you and your birds. A large, steeply pitched roof covers this feeder, protecting seed from moisture, and a matching base completes the look. These sections are made from plastic lumber, a product of recycled plastic, and the green color brings a natural feel to the piece. The clear plastic seed tube has a tinted effect and is a crafted from recycled materials. This tube holds 1.5-pounds of thistle seed for the delight of your chickadees and goldfinches. Four feeding ports are each surrounded by recycled metal to keep their shape and allow only a few seeds to be extracted at a time. A tall baffle at the base of the reservoir keeps seed flowing to the bottom ports and prevents it from accumulating in the tube. The innovative base of the seed tube removes easily with no tools, for thorough cleaning when needed. Use the attached metal hanger to place this item on a hook or tree branch. Bring environmental awareness to your garden using this Recycled Plastic Thistle Tube Bird Feeder.