Heritage Farms Electric Blue Absolute II Bird Feeder

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Electric Blue Absolute II Bird Feeder

 This is an anti squirrel deterrent bird feeder that works. It's squirrel proof,chew proof (by squirrels that is, and other critters). This solid metal design will prevent squirrels from damaging your bird feeder. The weight activated double sided perch design will allow birds to feed and squirrels to look for a new location to feed at.

WALA! Squirrel Proof


Check out these great features below:
Pole Mounting and Hanging Hardware are Included, for Versatility.
Adjustable weight settings so you can decide which birds to keep out.
Seed Saver Baffle Eliminates Wasted Seed
Easy to Open and Fill
Holds 15 lbs. of seed (2-1/2 Gallons) for less frequent filling
Durable, powder-coated steel
Attractive Hardwood Perches
NOTE: The Absolute II above is double sided so that birds can feed from both sides.


The Absolute II reviews have been very positive by most customers. Most customers have found it to be very heavy duty because of the metal design which also prevents squirrels from chewing and damaging the feeder. Most customers have also found that they save on bird seed because squirrels cannot get to the food which means you save money and get to enjoy more birds. If I were a squirrel I would find another place to eat.