Wood Shingle Slope Roof Birdhouse-White Vinyl 34 in. x 14 in

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Classic White Vinyl Wood Shingle Slope Roof Birdhouse is constructed of long lasting and maintenance free PVC/Vinyl
This work of art birdhouse features 4 compartments with 4 perches and a shingled Roof.

    • Roof lifts off for easy cleaning.
    • Will not rot crack split or fade and is guaranteed by the manufacturer!
    • 34 inch High by 14 inch Diameter


This beautiful shingled wood sloped roof and vinyl white birdhouse will be the focal point of your yard guaranteed!

    • Complete with Vinyl collar and attached decorative brackets - fits on YOUR 4 x 4 post. Post available at most home improvement stores.
    • Post not included.
    • OPTIONAL Vinyl square 4X4X72 vinyl post cover available upon request for $60.00.