Ultimate Squirrel House


Squirrel Watching Entertainment for the Whole Family!

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Ultimate Squirrel House Tan With Green Roof

This beautiful hand-made squirrel house is made with recycled Poly Lumber. It features all screwed construction using weather-resistant deck screws and fully routed edges.  The Poly Lumber won't split, crack, chip, fade, or splinter. This house's resilient construction and innovative design is sure to entertain and protect its small furry inhabitants for years to come.

Made in the USA!

Outside Dimensions: 14.25" W X 18.75" H X 12.75" D
Inside Dimensions: 8" W X 18" H X 8.25" D
Entrance Hole Diameter: 3"
Entrance Hole Height: .5" from top platform, 11.5" from floor
Construction: Recycled Poly Lumber
Origin Country: USA

Weight 18Lbs.