Brome Seed Buster Seed Tray and Catcher BD1020

Brome Seed Buster Seed Tray and Catcher BD1020


Unique split design

seed tray

Award winning, patented Squirrel Buster

technology is truly squirrel proof.

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Brome Seed Buster Bird Feeder Tray and Catcher BD1020

The Seed Buster™ raises the standard in everything a tray feeder or seed catcher should be. Watch Video below and see how unique this all in one seed tray system is.

Fits all 1” and 7/8” poles

Large 20” diameter and 2” depth catches and holds seed

Drainage holes allows for aeration and drainage UV filtered, recyclable, heavy duty resins

Adjustable collars permit countless positioning of tray

Split trays for easy removal WITHOUT removing feeder

Tray format increases bird traffic

Can also be used on short pole as platform feeder tray.

NOTE:Bird feeder sold separately

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