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Bluebird Houses/Bluebird Habitat

Preferred Habitat

Selection of proper habitat to place several boxes or establish a bluebird "trail" is vitally important. Most people make the initial mistake of placing boxes in inappropriate locations. These decisions either create disappointment or may actually benefit recruitment of unwanted and undesirable birds such as the house sparrow.
Bluebirds are insect eaters and less competitive for nesting space than are other cavity nesters. Therefore, placement of nest boxes should be in locations away from heavily wooded habitat preferred by tree swallows and house wrens and near open fields where insect hunting, maneuverability, and visibility to avoid predators is adequate.
Generally, open rural country with scattered clumps of trees or low shrubs is best. Placing boxes too close to shelterbelts and wooded areas will attract house wrens and tree swallows, which are also beneficial bird species. Examples of good habitat include pastures, fields, edges of country roads, cemeteries and golf courses. The closer you get to buildings or urban areas, the more chance you will have problems with house sparrows which will actually kill bluebirds and their young. It is also a good idea to avoid areas where insecticide use is high.

Bluebird Houses

How to attract bluebirds to your backyard

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North Dakota Game and Fish Department, Nongame program. Bismarch, ND. 16pp. Jamestown, ND:
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.
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Make this bluebird house
from 1-1" X 6" X 6'
piece of wood


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